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Stingy Jack, a soul not allowed into either Heaven or Hell, has wandered the earth for 300 years, with only an ember demon inside a turnip-carved lantern to keep him company. But on this All Hallows' Eve, he may have just figured out a way to end his punishment. He'll need to seek out seven spirits from all across Ireland, and collect seven special items from them. Not all ghosts are friendly, and this might be the last All Hallows' Eve that Jack ever sees. Based on the Irish legend, this novella continues the tale of the origin of Halloween traditions.

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Everyone needs a little magic.

For some, that means seeking out a machine that can make you a god. For others, it’s about saving a floating isle from crashing into the sea.

And then there are those who desire magic for darker purposes … like revenge.

Seven authors bring you seven unique stories about magic and magical items in a fantastic world of imagination.

Welcome back to Mirstone.

Published by Dragonfire Press.

Includes A.R. Cook's short story "The Dark Lord and the God Machine"

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Only the brave enter the woods—those who aren’t afraid of witches, shapeshifters, curses, and darkness. In this delightfully eerie anthology, only the fearless survive. These spooky, fantastic, and gothic tales will remind you that bedtime stories—those read in the dark—are for adults too.

Women of the Woods promises to keep you up at night while introducing you to more than a dozen talented authors. From dark fantasy to folk horror, Women of the Woods has a mix of frightening stories reminiscent of those by Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Washington Irving but with a modern touch.

Enter the woods… if you dare.

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The Hero is dead. The Council is captured. All hope is shattered.
But Desert Rain and her companions press on.
With Katawa in control of the Hijn Council and transforming innocent people into his twisted army of Distorted, Desert Rain turns to the Ahshi Elves in hope of some magical assistance. However, all is not safe in the forestlands...goblin bounty hunters, a mysterious drifter, and a devious Trickster are making things complicated. The ill fate of the Swordmaster hangs heavy on Desert Rain's heart, but when the lost sword Silverheart finds its way into her hands, she discovers there may be more to the fallen hero than she realized...and maybe more to herself than she ever thought possible.

“The storytelling is imaginative, vivid in description, complimented with sparkling prose and shining vocabulary that a teacher would love. A.R. Cook's treatment of language is reminiscent of E.B. White (Elements of Style, Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little)…”

-Toasted Cheese Literary Journal

"Cook has a very lyrical voice and I love the way she incorporates
so many interesting references to history and mythology into the
plot. An exciting journey filled with magic, mystery and mythological

-Krista Russell, Author of "Chasing the Nightbird" and "The Other Side of Free"; Winner of the Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award

"Cook transports us across time... across Europe... and beyond... with a cast of fantastic
mythological creatures... She keeps us hanging by a thread from The Curtain until we skid into the end. A real page turner!"

-Karen Doornebos, Author of "Definitely Not Mr. Darcy"